Harness the power of the sun by establishing your own private Solar Farm. Ground Mounted Solar Arrays, also known as Solar Farms, have become increasingly popular as a modular solution to meet a site’s electricity needs. A bespoke system can be designed to fully utilise any spare land, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective Ground Mounted Solar PV array that delivers maximum financial benefit to your business. While ground-mounted systems tend to take slightly longer to deploy than Roof Mounted systems can be a bit more expensive, this is primarily due to planning requirements, ground investigation surveys, and the structural steel needed for such projects, however in many case the orientation and pitch can be set to optimal levels.

Maximize the potential of Solar energy on your land asset. Many of our clients opt to install Solar PV arrays on their owned or managed land, either alongside a roof-mounted project or as a standalone array. Ground mounting Solar PV arrays offers several key benefits, including easy access for future cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, ground screws are used for installation, providing an environmentally friendly solution. These ground screws minimize disturbance to the land, reduce the need for concrete foundations, and allow for easier removal and relocation if needed. Get in touch with a member of our team today at or call us on 01292 892720 to explore the benefits of ground-mounted Solar PV arrays for your business.