Energy storage systems offer an ideal solution for individuals looking to take control of their energy consumption and decrease their reliance on the grid. These systems enable the storage of energy generated from solar PV systems during periods of low demand and allow for its utilisation when needed, offering greater flexibility in electricity usage. By integrating battery storage with existing PV technology, users can maximise the onsite use of generated electricity, reducing the need to import electricity and resulting in significant savings on running costs. These systems are adaptable to installations of various scales, ranging from small-scale residential setups to large commercial projects.

Moreover, battery storage presents an additional benefit of storing free solar energy during the day and charging at night using cheaper tariffs. This enables users to take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours and utilise the stored energy during peak demand periods, further reducing electricity expenses. By leveraging battery storage, individuals can optimize their energy usage, minimize reliance on grid electricity, and achieve greater cost savings over time. Whether for residential or commercial applications, battery storage systems provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for managing energy consumption and enhancing energy independence.